The year is 2039 and I still miss you the same.

I am now 40 and it has been 26 years without you.

They say things will be better

but I am drowning in pain.


The year is 2039 and things haven’t changed.

All I want is to see you again

yet I must stay strong for my children.

But I just want to feel your warmth.


The year is 2040 and I’ve been diagnosed.

Because of you, I know how this goes.

Thank you for preparing me for what is in store

Otherwise, I would be struck in pure horror.


The year is 2040 and you continue to astound me.

How could you have stood so strongly?

I cannot not even sit up without shaking

and now I have my dear husband pacing.


The year is 2041 and the fight has been rough.

I am fighting for my life, isn’t that enough?

Clearly not, seeing my numbers escalate.

My doctors are saying just to sit and wait.


The year is 2041 and I don’t want to leave.

I need to stay here with my kids and Elise.

I miss you more than I could ever show

but the pain I felt is not something my kids should know.


The year is 2042 and I am getting weak

On my cheek, the tears have left a streak.

Mama, please open the doors and let me come through

My body is giving out, I am coming to join you.


The year is 2042 and my body has taken over.

My loving family all floats in their tears

And my home becomes colder.

I am now with you, Ma, after all these years.


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