Did you guys notice my snazzy new domain name? I am so excited to say www.extrardenary.com is officially mine. You may notice some font and other changes being added and removed. Some may say my blog is “under construction”, but that would involve it being closed off to the public, whereas mine will certainly not be. I love you all way to dearly to do that. I am simply having creative experiments to find the most “inspiring” and “Arden” layout. “Arden” should be a new adjective.


Arden  Ar-den



1. giving off a very comforting aura, easily comparable to the feeling you experience while unexpectedly hearing an old favorite song of yours.

2. quite unique and completely of one’s own mind

“I just went and checked out that new coffee shop and diner down the road. It was so arden.”


What do you think? Should we send in a request form to the Oxford Dictionary company? I think so.

Well, overall I’d love to know what you lovelies think of my experimenting. I’ll see you next time around!



1 Comment

  1. i lik it. its so ARDEN!!! hehe the background is my favorite! and yes i will bavk u up on sending to the dictionary. how cool would it b to help create a new word?!

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