We are all “limited edition”. Every single one of us. We don’t last forever. There is going to be a time when eventually, nobody will know who you are or what you did. 5 billion years from now, do you really think that the human species will remember Mozart or what he did, the biggest boybands of the 2010s, the celebrities that got addicted, or even our alphabet? I highly doubt it. The fact that we will all eventually cease to exist, along with all of our knowledge and achievements, is inevitable. There is nothing we can do to stop it. The human species will evolve and may end up adapting to be able to breathe underwater from overpopulation and lack of clean air on land. Every minute we spend thinking about the end, another minute we are closer to it.

But, that is not my point. Everyone {including myself} is so caught up in the future and “being remembered”. I fully understand that you want to make an impact, but it doesn’t always involve being on the cover of a magazine and getting everyone to know you to make an “impact”. What we truly need to realize is that the most important impact we can make is that on those around us. Sometimes, we forget how much the simplest things can effect others. To be loved deeply, not widely, is what is important. We are all so caught up in who is going to be the prom queen, who is dating who, who has the more expensive car. The thing that needs to be noticed is that those things do not last forever.

Love lasts forever. Simply surround yourself with those you love. Embrace life’s challenges. Live in the moment. Always push through and be courageous. If something scares you, put on your big kid pants and go deal with it. The goal in life is not to be a thin layer of cream cheese, spread sparsely over a room temperature bagel, but a fresh, gooey layer of jelly, spread abundantly over a warmly toasted bagel half. You should be loved deeply, not widely. For when you are loved deeply, you know exactly who and that the love is endless, but loved widely, you are never sure who does or does not appreciate your existence, and the love is always on the line.

Time, my friends, is just a matter of our expiration dates. Eventually, we will all be sour milk, and dumped down into the sink. But before we get there, would you rather be divided into quarter ounces and digested by people who occasionally acknowledged your existence, or divided into quarter gallons and enjoyed and indulged by those who are faithful to you? You decide.


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