Thank You, 8th Grade.

8th grade has probably been one of the most eventful years in middle school for me (and right behind it would be 6th grade, consisting of my mom’s re-diagnoses and homeschooling). I have met so many amazing people this year and have seen new sides of life I had never thought about before. This year has been so eye opening for me, personally. I realized just how precious every minute we have is. I saw how sometimes, the people who need you the most are the people who put on the bravest face. I noticed that if you surround yourself with the people you love, then you will be much happier than being with others because of their social status. One of the major things that continues to baffle me everyday, is that more people care about me than I ever realized. Of course I knew my family, and hopefully the girls I sit with at lunch, but never did it occur to me that anyone is even paid me a second glance. I would like to make direct thanks to people who have completely changed my 8th grade year, and have had an impact on my life.

Ashley S

Gretchen M

Anna B

Maggie R

Colleen B

Lauren S

Layla P

Cameron F

Giana S

Corina M

Zoe M

Cole M

Kristen J

Emma M

Krista B

Justine Y

Cassidy J

Daniel F

Gracie O

Karishma P

Faryall G

Zara K

Vicky MP

Adam N

Max Y

Delaney R

Lily R

Eric A









And thank you, forever and always, Mama.


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