8th Grade Ending

Middle school is coming to a close for me. In just 13 days, I will never attend another middle school. As hard as these past few years have been, and as much as I have wanted to leave them behind, I can’t help but miss some of the memories already. I have had some amazing teachers that have changed my life forever, and that I know my mom is thankful for too. As I slowly work my way through 3 years of memories, things just come into my mind, that I will never forget.

6th Grade

Goodbye, homeschooling.

Goodbye, daily trips to the CCNC.

Goodbye, “field trips” to Target.

Goodbye, chemistry class at UNC’s homeschooling program.

Goodbye, IOWA testing.

Goodbye, pajama school uniforms.

Goodbye, school time at my command.

7th Grade

Goodbye, new school.

Goodbye, new friends.

Goodbye, Locker 214.

Goodbye, Bottom-Locker-Trauma.

Goodbye, self discoveration.

Goodbye, first teenage years.

8th Grade

Goodbye, Locker 1513.

Goodbye, locker combination permanently engraved into my brain.

Goodbye, Channel One News.

Goodbye, lunchtime shenanigans.

Goodbye, long walks to the bus stop.

Goodbye, stressful pressure of being on top.

Goodbye, world’s most outstanding and understanding teachers.

Goodbye, breakdowns at lunch.



Hello, Locker Unknown.

Hello, long walks to the bus stop.

Hello, new friends.

Hello, old friends.

Hello, hopefully amazing teachers.

Hello, sitting at the floor during lunch.

Hello, upperclassmen intimidation.

Hello, being on bottom.

Hello, new opportunities.

Hello, more stress.

Hello, more freedom.

Hello, new chapters.

Hello, high school.


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