A Suitcase for Stargazing

I have been wanting to travel to world my entire life, ever since I knew it was possible. It would be so amazing to see how other people live, like what the normal is in England, how the air smells in Guatemala, what the stars look like at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower (or the bottom. I have a thing about heights), to hear the enchanting laughs of the Brazilians, to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the ones who know it best. Wanderlust runs through my veins. I was never meant to stay in one place. I was born to travel, to see new light, to breath new air through my lungs. I long to feel free, and completely myself, travelling the world at my will. Every time you escape to a new part of the world, it is like entering a whole new realm. Nobody knows your backstory, nobody can judge you for your past mistakes, or use you for what they have seen. You are reborn, into an all new you. All you carry with you are your memories and suitcases. You can leave them behind as you go, or effortlessly carry them with you, everywhere you go.

Somewhere within my Junior year if high school, I intend to Study Abroad and travel to England as a foreign exchange student. My mom and I had been talking about this for years and years. Since she has now left me, I am just that much more determined to be accepted into to the program, not only for me, but for her. It would be such an amazing experience, living in a whole new part of the world. I would meet new people, explore new cultures, try new foods (I adore food), analyze the different fashions and trends, and feel a new breeze against my skin.

I have wanted a fresh start ever since things went catastrophic. For me, a fresh start is new beginnings, new stories, new memories, new people, new lives, new passions, and new perspectives. Ever since my mom passed, I have felt like I’ve needed one. Just to escape from reality, even for a little while. No deadlines constantly beating in your mind, no screams echoing through your memory, no unreachable expectations, and no stress. That is really all I have needed. Except with this year’s major tests right around the corner (literally. The first one is the 30th of this month), the teachers will do anything but give us a break. Also, All of our testing is scheduled to the second to last week of school, which means we get virtually no down time. I am so ready for summer.

Someday, I don’t know when, maybe 3 years, maybe 20, you will see me posting the pictures from my view laying on the grass, just on the outskirts of London, staring at the sky with my stargazing suitcase right by my side.


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